Call 423-921-4519 for PROMPT SPAY/NEUTER access and assistance.

The mission of Beat the Heat Alliance is to reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats by providing prompt spay/neuter access, assistance and education in the northeast Tennessee region.

If you have animals that you want to fix before the next heat, please call now!  We can help! You can reach us at 423-921-4519, 

Our focus counties are Cocke, Grainger, Hancock, Hawkins,  Hamblen, and Jefferson in northeast TN.  If you are in an adjacent county, please call us.  We may be able to direct you to a similar program in your county and work with you to get you the help you need.

Our  Wishlist:    

** A Fundraising Team. 

 1.  Cat Trapping supplies (food (canned and dry), sheets,            tarps, trash bags)
 2.  Temperature controlled locations for housing cats                 during trapping
 3.  Newspapers  
 4.  Pee Pads
 5.  Gas Cards (or monetary donations for gas)
 6.  Paper Towels and other cleaning supplies
 7.   Information on cat colonies.

Volunteers Needed!

                We are very happy with the number of cats and dogs we have helped to be spayed or neutered so far.  But we are not satisfied.  Our organization’s vision is no more homeless animals in northeast Tennessee.  There are many people who share that vision and that is what has made the surgeries performed so far possible.  However, to make the vision of no more homeless dogs and cats a reality, we have to spay and neuter many more dogs and cats.  To accomplish that goal we need even more of us who can look to the future and say “Yes, we need to do that.  We can do that.  More importantly, we want to help do that!” 

                We need help in the form of volunteers.  Every one of us has a skill, ability or talent that we can use to turn this vision into a reality (and never underestimate it or its value to us).  The spays and neuters are low cost but not free.  In addition there are various expenses involved with bringing this non-profit service to our area.  We are working on grants and fundraisers, but donations have been critical to our work. So please call us at ICE-921-4519 and join us in this life-saving mission of no more homeless animals.  Carol Hood January, 2013 

We've partnered with

4039 cats and dogs fixed!
From August 2012 through October 2014

Many thanks to these organizations who help Beat The Heat ! 

Thank you for helping us spay and euter 409 dogs and cats in 2014!

Holly Help provides on-going assistance in Hawkins and Hancock counties.  Thank You!

168 community cats in Bulls Gap, Rogersville, Mooresburg, and Surgoinsville have been fixed with a Targeted Grant from PetSmart charities.

352 cats and dogs were assisted with the Multi-Animal Household Grant.  A big                                                             thank you to ASPCA! 
Thank You Tennessee Animal Friendly for assisting with over 100 spay/neuters in 2013 and 2014. 

Spay Tennessee offers on-going support. In 2013 they helped us fix 35 dogs and cats! In 2014, Spay Tennessee helped us fix 49! 

Sixty-five dogs and cats were spayed or neutered with help from On Shore Foundation. Thanks!

Friends of the Animal Shelter helped us prevent 6230 births in Cocke County. 

113 dogs and cats were helped with our Spay/neuter One Get One project.  Thanks, Ryan Newman!